The Property


Welcome to the AEGEAN CASTLE!

Andros, the closest island of the Cyclades, is a harmonious meeting point of past and present. The dominant big blue of the Aegean Sea is no more than 2 hours away by boat from Rafina Port. The Aegean Castle, a meeting point of man and vast nature was built with respect to the environment and to the traditional architecture of Andros Island. Its view of the big blue of the Aegean Sea and the lush vegetation of Paleopolis Mountain, offers the visitor an unforgettable sojourn, emphasizing on privacy and satisfying all senses.

The hotel consists of 6 luxurious suites of impeccable artistic quality. Each suite has its own private terrace with double day bed and breathtaking view, while the interior decoration includes a variety of handmade furniture and works of art. The Castle’s verandas are hovering over earth and sky, over the clouds and the crystal waters.


Comfort, serenity, elegancy

To those seeking an original place to visit, calm and peaceful we are proud to offer them a key to our Castle! The surroundings as well as the suites fulfil even the highest expectations! The location is ideal for families, groups, couples and special people who want an escapade from the daily grind. Just two hours away from Athens, Andros Island is the perfect destination for vacations all year round. The Aegean Castle is situated in the ancient site of Paleopolis and is only 5 minutes away from touristy Batsi, which gives visitors easy access to the whole island within reasonable travelling time. You are welcome to meet in person the hospitality and the outstanding beauty of Andros Island in a secluded, picturesque area for demanding travellers.

Your Chatelaine


A taste of Greece

In the Castle’s dining room you can enjoy daily a hearty, home-made breakfast prepared with biological products from our vegetable garden. Enjoy freshly baked bread from our woodstove, carefully chosen bio products, dairy and eggs from the island’s farms and home prepared meals from Chatelaine Christina. Gastronomy is an essential element of a people’s cultural identity. What makes traditional Greek cuisine exceptional is the Greek nutrition philosophy, top quality materials and the mood for company. Mediterranean cuisine is famous for its high nutritional value and its unique flavours which rank her first in travellers’ choice worldwide.


Lavender for ever

Our Castle is surrounded by a wonderful Mediterranean garden, filled with divinely scented lavenders, jasmines and belles de nuit. The garden is traversed by walking paths, whirling staircases and traditional benches, so that the traveler can fully enjoy the premises. In the garden, underneath the shade of perennial olive trees and to the lullaby sounds of cicadas, a stone lake-shaped pool has been created in a natural hollow, inviting you to enjoy its refreshingly cold waters. The stunning natural beauty and the exceptional hospitality in this unique place rejuvenate body and spirit.


Throughout the seasons

Our philosophy is to meet our guests’ actual needs: being in touch with nature, peace in body and soul, the big blue, moonlight nights, a good wine and home-made delicacies. We are relatively new in the hotel business, but we have established a high standard of services for our guests. Our goal is to offer the legendary Greek hospitality and to make our travelers feel at home. We achieve that by adapting our services to meet our guests’ needs and by our warm family environment. The Aegean Castle is an ideal place for get-togethers, because there is a possibility of joining all the patios in order to form a unified space for day leisure activities, or to isolate your suite at night for the ultimate privacy and relaxation…